'Procrastination' Commercial For LitReactor.com

On October 1st I am launching a new website venture called LitReactor.com. The site will feature a writers workshop, monthly classes taught by published authors and industry professionals and a bustling online magazine. To help promote the launch of the site, I had the idea of shooting a sort of promotional commercial. With Kevin in town that week for the Script Pipeline awards ceremony (our script Shed was a finalist) we got together with our buddy Brian James Fitzpatrick and cranked this whole thing out in 8 hours straight.

This is the first promo in a series we have planned to cover the different obstacles writers face when committing to their craft. In it, a man deals with the writer's most teasing seductress... procrastination.

For more, as well as a free PDF containing 8 pages of writing advice from authors like Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, Bret Easton Ellis, Jack Ketchum, Amy Hempel and more... head on over to LitReactor.com!

'Curtain' Gets Into Fantastic Fest!

'Curtain' gets into the 2011 Fantastic Fest shorts line-up

Today Fantastic Fest announced their 2011 Shorts Line-Up, and my short horror comedy, Curtain, is included!  This is huge news for me.  Getting into Fantastic Fest, which has easily become the largest and best genre festival in North America, was one of my primary goals for 'Curtain.'  It's a festival I've attended the last two years as a fan, and one that I was attending this year whether my film got in or not.  But yes, getting in just makes the visit that much sweeter.  Also sweet is knowing that Fantastic Fest provides one of the best viewing experiences for the audience out of any theater I've ever been to.

No dates have been posted yet, but the festival itself runs from Sep 22-29th in Austin, TX at the world famous Alamo Drafthouse.  You can read more about the fest and the shorts line-up below, and be sure to keep an eye on this page for updates as we receive them.


Big congrats to my whole cast and crew.  We did it, guys!

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'Shed' Selected As A Finalist In The 2011 Script Pipeline Competition

'Shed' places as a finalist in the 2011 Script Pipeline competition.

The hits keep coming for our feature horror script 'Shed.'  This series of script competition submissions was a dry run for the new draft of 'Shed.'  This time out, we only submitted to prestigious competitions.  Top 10 ranked contests.  And we're happy to report that we have placed in the finals (top 20) of the 2011 Script Pipeline competition.  This means we beat out over 3000 other scripts.  

We've been invited to an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, as well as a Pitch summit where we get to link up with 20 producers, production companies and agent/managers.  Let's hope this is one step closer to turning this script into our next feature film.

Details on the competition finalists.

Maria Olsen, Our Succubus From 'Curtain' Interviewed by Backstage

Maria Olsen

Check out this article on Maria Olsen, the actress who played the Succubus in my short horror comedy Curtain.  Backstage interviewed me for this piece, so I've got a few quotes in here too.

To those outside the acting world, the work of an actor seems to be entirely what's done on stage or in front of the camera. But a big part of the work is in auditioning and submitting. Maria Olsen has embraced this aspect of her acting career. Even though she has an agent who has been finding her enough work to make any actor feel busy, she still logs on to Back Stage and submits herself to the smaller projects her agent might miss. "Every single day I look through Back Stage," Olsen says. "My agent obviously will look at the higher, full big-budget projects. But I look at the smaller projects because I believe in doing as much work as you possibly can, making connections, getting yourself out there. They're never going to submit me for a short film. But I will."

Read the full transcript st Backstage.com here!

'Absence' Is Now Playing On VOD On Select Cable Operators

'Absence' VOD premiere!

Our feature film Absence, starring Margaret Laney, Eron Otcasek and Stuart Durdin, received VOD (video on demand) distibution earlier this year with Gravitas Ventures.  As a result, it had its premiere on North American TVs (On Demand, that is) on February 6th and will be playing until May 6th.  If it does well enough, it will be renewed for another cycle and may even 'graduate' to larger operaters such as Comcast, Time Warner and Optimum Cable.  

For now, if you have any of the below cable operators, there's a chance if you switch on your TV right now, navigate to the On Demand section and select New Releases, you'll see 'Absence' at the top of the list.  If so, please let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.  And better yet, if you like the film, go rate it on its IMDB page.

Here are the operates in North America showing 'Absence:'&nbsp » Read more

The Girl With The Glasses In Those Rhapsody Commercials? Her Name Is Meghan Miller!

Meghan Miller becomes Rhapsody's latest spokesperson!

Whenever an actor you know gets some real exposure, it's always pretty damn cool.  Kevin and I make it a hobby as directors to keep a close eye on the careers of every actor that's been in one of our films.  If they pop up on a TV show, we DVR it.  If they're in someone's music video, we track it down.  If they land a role in a movie, we're pulling for it to do well. 

In Meghan Miller's case, what started as her casually telling us that she had flown down to Austin one weekend to shoot a few commercials for Rhapsody, evolved into much more.   I remember being a little bummed at the time, because while Rhapsody is swell and all, Meghan was so tired upon returning from the airport, that she had to bail out of a small project we were planning to shoot with her the next day.  But several months later, I think I see the big picture here, and realize just how important that little trip to Austin was for Meghan.  Because currently I can't turn on my TV without seeing another one of these 'Desmond & Molly' commercials Meghan stars in with fellow actor Branden Hayward.  Then I was on a website one day and, sitting perched in the top right corner, was the above banner.  Now look at that image and tell me Meghan Miller isn't Rhapsody's new spokesperson!&nbsp » Read more

Production Wraps On My Short Horror Film 'Curtain'

'Curtain', written & directed by Dennis Widmyer

As of Sunday night, production has wrapped on Curtain, a short film I wrote and directed.  The movie tells the tale of James, an unemployed burnout who discovers a succubus is inhabitating the bathtub of his girlfriend's apartment. 

Inspired by a series of mysterious details littering the new apartment my girlfriend and I moved into this past August, I came up with the storyline for Curtain.  The tone of the film gets away from the bleakness of some of my previous movies and instead, focuses more on fun, energy, sexiness, gross-out moments and of course, big scares.

I'll be talking a lot more about this film in the coming months, as post-production progresses, but for now, check out its official section here.  You can also view a ton of behind the scenes pics in its gallery.

Video Interview: Dennis Widmyer Talks 'Absence' At Last Year's AoF Film Fest

This is something I completely forgot existed. Last year, while attending the Action on Film Festival in Pasadena, CA, I was interviewed by the staff.  This was one of the cool things the fest did actually, in interviewing all the filmmakers who attending with movies in competition.  The interview was very thorough and I got to talk a lot about the production and inspiration for Absence.  I only discovered it was online by accident.  So pardon me if this seems like old news.

EXT. LIFE Playing The Long Island International Film Expo - Thursday Night!

EXT. LIFE, directed by Kevin KolschEXT. LIFE, our newest short film, directed by Kevin Kolsch, will be making its North American premiere this week at the The Long Island International Film Expo.  This is a very large film festival in Long Island, NY that will be showing over 170 films over the course of 10 days.

EXT. LIFE will be showing on Thursday, July 15th at in the 9:30pm - 11:30 blockEXT. LIFE will be playing second in the block after a 4 minute short film.  The location details of the theater and festival are:

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Time: 9:30pm - 11:30pm
Location: Bellmore Movies
Street: 222 Pettit Avenue
City/Town: Bellmore, NY

Please come see this one, folks! Here is a summary of the film:

Clarissa King has two dreams.  One is an aspiration to become a successful film actress.  To nail the audition she has lined up, get that callback and pack her bags for L.A.  To leave her dysfunctional family and unreliable boyfriend behind and head for the hills...The Hollywood Hills.  This dream occupies most of her waking thoughts.  The other dream comes in the night. It plagues her sleep.  It is a terrifying nightmare that feels all too real.

Do these two dreams go hand in hand?  Is the stress of her current life bringing on the nightmares?  Will success in the film industry make them go away?  Or are the dreams at odds with one another?  Are her nightmares trying to warn her against the very move she thinks will cure them?&nbsp » Read more

Meghan Miller In Another Rhapsody Commercial

Looks like Meghan Miller, an actress we've had the occasion to work with twice now (EXT. LIFE, Identical Dead Sisters) is starring in a second Rhapsody Commercial.

Wonder how many of these she did with them.