Kickstarter To Fund Our Next Feature Film STARRY EYES Launches!

We have just launched a Kickstarter to fund our upcoming horror feature film, STARRY EYES, a tale of paranoia and possession. We're attempting to raise $50,000 in one month.  Donate to the film and help spread the word by visiting its project page here:

Joining us on this venture is Travis Stevens, who will be producing this film under his banner Snowfort Pictures. Travis has quickly risen to become one of the most prolific genre movie producers around. His films include A Horrible Way To Die, The Aggression Scale, The Thompsons, Jodorowsky's Dune and the two recent SXSW Midnight entries, Cheap Thrills and Big Ass Spider.

Starry Eyes is the cautionary tale of Sarah Walker, a twenty-something actor trudging her way through the rat race of Hollywood, one small part at a time. When she is given the rare opportunity to audition for the lead role in a horror remake, she dives into it, only to soon find herself in the clutches of a mysterious production company that aims to bend her will to their nefarious goals. As Sarah begins to undergo a strange mental and physical transformation, she realizes she may have just sold her soul to an age old cult that has been pulling the town's strings since its golden age.&nbsp » Read more

Check Out Our New Video For The Goodbye Radio

While I've been traipsing around LA shooting bumpers and whatnot, Kevin has kept busy in Long Island.  Recently, he partnered up with some old friends-- a group of talented muscians who comprise The Goodbye Radio to write, direct and edit the latest single from their upcoming album. The song is called "Boiling River" and, as Kevin was given free reign with the storyline, he conceived of a video involving the most important issue of our time: zombie love!

Check out the video below.

The Goodbye Radio - Boiling River (Official Video) from Parallactic Pictures on Vimeo.

It features Damien Maffei and Amanda Donelan. It was shot by Kevin and Jamey Lord on the Canon 7D in Long Island, NY. Special FX make-up by Lisa Forst. Color Correction by Alex Durie.

The Goodbye Radio is:
Mike Denton - Drums and Percussion
Mike Harrison - Vocals and Lyrics
Lee Greenman - Bass Guitar
Jeff Walsh - Guitar, Keys, Arrangements

For more information on the band, as well as a free preview of their new album, check out:

'Not Daddy' - New 2012 Fantastic Fest Bumper

Watch it on the Filmmaking Frenzy website and please vote for it by clicking the Facebook Like button.

As you know, Kevin and I like to attend a badass genre festival in Austin, TX every year called Fantastic Fest.  And one of our favorite elements of this fest is their bumper competition, Filmmaking Frenzy. A 'bumper' is a 15-45 second commercial that plays before each film.  And every year, Fantastic Fest issues a new set of rules for said bumpers, and the best one wins an award. 

This year's main rule: the bumper has to involve time travel.

So with that in mind, we bring you 'Not Daddy,' the best excuse for time travel known to perverts. Watch it and vote for it by clicking the Facebook 'Like' option HD here.

Michaela Myers and Nik Shriner on the set of the 2012 Fantastic Fest bumper, 'Not Daddy' Michaela Myers and Nik Shriner on the set of the 2012 Fantastic Fest bumper, 'Not Daddy' Michaela Myers and Nik Shriner on the set of the 2012 Fantastic Fest bumper, 'Not Daddy'

With little promotion, the bumper is already getting a lot of Facebook Likes.  The bumper with the most likes in the end, will qualify to the finals where it will thereby be voted on by a jury at the awards ceremony of the festival.

I want to thank my lovely cast: Nik Shriner, Michaela Myers and Daniel Gregory. And also give a big shout-out to the Peña sibling. Marco Peña shot this thing and made it look nice and sleazy, and Luisa Peña ˜was our wonderful Production Assistant (and provided her vocal skills for the Willie Talk puppet!)  Also big thanks to Stephanie Daniels, our production designer, who dressed the room, giving it a realistic 'whorish' setting.

Watch and Vote for 'Not Daddy' here!

'Curtain' Is Now Online!

*Note: The above video is embedded and tiny. I prefer you watch it in HD here.

I'm really not sure why this took me so long. I think I got it in my head that, because Curtain is still playing random film festivals, I wasn't "allowed" to make it available online.  But a lot of people told me I was wrong about that.  Then I figured I should make its online premiere some sort of "event."  Maybe have a giveaway. Some sort of contest to promote it proper.  But screw all that.  Let's just watch the damn thing.

So here, at long last, is Curtain, my short horror film that I finished in Spring 2011. I'm very proud of this film. It runs 12 mins, has a lot of laughs (and scares) in it.  And I think you will all enjoy it.  

For more details on Curtain, such as images, a trailer link, credits and news, head over to its page. If you watch this, and you enjoy it, please leave a comment below.  Even better, go rate the film on its IMDB page.

That's it. Thanks for being patient. And remember... "DO NOT REMOVE THE SHOWER CURTAIN!"

'Curtain' Gets Into The BoneBat 'Comedy Of Horrors' Film Festival

Bonebat Film Festival

Just heard that Curtain got into the BoneBat 'Comedy Of Horrors' Film Festival. This is a pretty cool festival, up north in Washington.  One day only.  All shorts.

Here's a link with more info:

You can get screening times, date and even purchase tickets at that link.

'Curtain' Gets Into The Florida Film Festival! Dates Announced!

'Curtain' gets into the Florida Film Festival

One of the benefits of Curtain getting into Fantastic Fest last year is how many other festivals then shoot you free submission invites to their own festivals.  One of those was the Florida Film Festival.  Now, getting invited for free doesn't mean you automatically get "accepted" into the fest.  There's still a screening process.  So I'm happy to report that Curtain made the cut and will be playing.  

Here are the two screening dates:

Saturday, April 14 at 12:00 MIDNIGHT at Enzian
Saturday, April 21 at 12:00 MIDNIGHT at Regal Winter Park Village

Curtain is in the Midnight Shorts program.  I like the sound of that.

Pretty sure none of this info is up on their site yet, but if you live nearby, keep an eye out for those dates.

Praise For 'Curtain'

Praise for 'Curtain'

With Fantastic Fest now over, I'm finally able to gather some of the media and praise that Curtain earned in its wake.  So here is a round-up of some of the best mentions we received:

"The undisputed best short of the collection was Curtain, which featured a succubus, a strap-on dildo, and the most hellish lease agreement ever committed to paper. If you somehow manage to get a chance to see Curtain, do so without reservation." -

"The stand outs for me were Dennis Widmyer’s Curtain, a horror-comedy where a couple rents a new apartment with a bizarre shower curtain that is to not be removed lest they release a succubus. Clever, well shot, and filled with laughs, it’s worth tracking down." - Film Threat

"Fest regulars Dennis Widmyer and Justin Duprie, who hails from Corpus, wrote and produced the exceptional horror-comedy short Curtain, which makes The Exorcist look tame by comparison." -

"A lot of fun and some great demon effects. And definitely watch out for Mr. Pokeyman." - Professor Wagstaff

Poster For 'Curtain' Tears It Up!

'Curtain' movie poster

At long last, the poster for Curtain is here, and its a grisly affair, if I do say so myself.  Designed by long-time friend and talented Photoshop technician, Brad Choma, it showcases (what I hope) is an arresting-enough image to people to wanna see the damn thing!  And if that's not enough, I have some fun screenshots as well.  

That's it for today.  Lots more news coming down the pipe.  For now, spread this around, why don't ya?

More on Curtain here!

'Curtain' Gets Its Screening Dates as Fantastic Fest Announces Its Schedule

'Curtain' gets into the 2011 Fantastic Fest shorts line-up

Today Fantastic Fest announced its schedule for their 2011 line-up.  As predicted, Curtain will be featured in a shorts block, but this year it seems FF is doing something new and cool with their shorts.  Besides the standard DRAWN AND QUARTERED: Animated Shorts and FANTASTIC SHORTS blocks, this year FF's SHORTFUSE block seems to be dedicated soley to horror films.  In past years, all live-action shorts were grouped together, which made for a long block, making it tough to predict when your film would screen.  So I definitely approve of this new scheduling idea.

Here are the dates/times for Curtain which will be playing twice at the festival:

  • Saturday, Sep 24 at 3:15pm
  • Monday, Sep 26 at 3:10pm

Curtain plays 6th in a line-up with nine other films (which all sound awesome, might I add).  You can see more over at the Fantastic Fest site.  They've also posted their full schedule.

If you're in Austin, TX around that time, I'd love to see ya there!

More on Curtain here!

'Down The Hatch:' Our 2011 Fantastic Fest Bumper

It wasn't enough for Kevin and I to have Cutain playing Fantastic Fest this year.  Noooo.  Kev just had to get more involved.  (And God love him for it!)  A few weeks ago he pitched me his idea for a bumper.  The theme this year is 'Altered States' which means... well, I'm not really sure what it means.  But I think I do.  Anyway, the pitch came with only a few days left before the deadline.  But it was so bizarre, that I just had to see it, so I pushed him to round up the boys and go shoot the damn thing.  And Kev didn't disappoint.  He directed the whole thing in an afternoon and then uploaded me all the footage via FTP that night.  Then all day Sunday I edited it together and we finished it in time for the Monday deadline.

The bumper stars Jamey Lord and Joshua Chaplinsky.  Hope you enjoy it.  Just stay away from any sort of egg products after, for I fear we may have ruined that food for you henceforth.

Check out our 2009 bumpers, Ice Cream!!! and I Is Demon Cat.