'Absence' Reviewed On Porkhead's Horror Review Hole

'Absence', reviewed on Porkhead's Horror Review HoleIn our ever expanding attempt to gain distribution for our feature film Absence. every lit bit of exposure we can attain helps.  So when reviewers contact us for screener copies of the film, I always jump at the chance to send them a DVD asap.  Sometimes that may not pan out too well, as a bad review may hurt our chances of getting the film out to the masses.

So when Joel Harley contacted me, requesting a screener of Absence to review for his awesome movie site Porkehad's Horror Review Hole (how's that for a title?), I knew we may be taking a risk.  After all, Absence isn't typically classified as a horror film... but like I said, you go for it in order to try and help your chances to get the film to that crucial next step.  Well, I'm glad to say that the risk paid off.   Joel gave Absence a 4 out of 5 star rating as well as a great write up.  Here's a sample:

A low-budget feature written & directed by Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer, Absence plays to its strengths. The plot is simplistic but gripping; the violence comes in short, powerful bursts – and the climax is, simply put, excellent, largely avoiding the pitfalls of melodrama. And whilst none of the characters are especially likeable, they’re well-rounded and engaging.

 So a big thank you to Joel for these awesome words.  And if anyone else reading this maintains a movie review site or a blog, you can contact us for a screener copy.

Read the full review of Absence here!


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