"Absence" prepares for Amazon.com

Poster for 'Absence'For all of you that have wondering when the hell our debut feature film Absence was finally going to see the light of day... the wait is almost over.  Kevin and I have gone back to the editing bay for a few last minute tweaks.  We're mainly prepping a new master with the finished color correction. 

Once we have this done (probably a few weeks from now), the film will be listed with CreateSpace.com, a wonderful new service that allows indie filmmakers to get their films placed on Amazon.com. 

So stay tuned for that.  I'll be posting a big news item here once the film is available to purchase.


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hi i just watched your short film throwaway which was a master piece i love crazy stuff like that. read through your other stuff, and had a look on amazon to see if i could buy absence but it doesn't yet seem available?
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I've been so looking forwward to seeing this film since i heard about it over a year ago I hope it is soon avalible to purchase
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Soon, we promise

Hi guys,

Thank you for the interest and support in 'Absence'.  You'll be happy to hear that, in exactly one week, Kevin (co-director) is sitting down for one final polishing session with our editor in NY.  There's a few color correction issues we have to fix on the new cut and we can then produce a new master that will go to DVD.  We'll then most likelyt be submitting it to Amazon via CreateSpace.com.  All in all, I'd say it could be for sale online within a month.  No promises though.  The post-production process of this movie has been cursed.  ;)

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Absence on Amazon

Any update on the availability of Absence?
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Any News Absence

Hi just wondering if there is any news on a realise date for absence. And buy the way I watched throwaway on the film page what a good short film I really enjoyed Kelvin
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DVD Screeners

I see the screener is avalible for the movie absence any news on when it will be availble to the genral puplic hoping pretty soon
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I'm really wanting to see this film =] Please let me know when it's available to the public! I'm a huge fan of throwaway and I'd love to see your other work.

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