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Kickstarter To Fund Our Next Feature Film STARRY EYES Launches!

We have just launched a Kickstarter to fund our upcoming horror feature film, STARRY EYES, a tale of paranoia and possession. We're attempting to raise $50,000 in one month.  Donate to the film and help spread the word by visiting its project page here:

Joining us on this venture is Travis Stevens, who will be producing this film under his banner Snowfort Pictures. Travis has quickly risen to become one of the most prolific genre movie producers around. His films include A Horrible Way To Die, The Aggression Scale, The Thompsons, Jodorowsky's Dune and the two recent SXSW Midnight entries, Cheap Thrills and Big Ass Spider.

Starry Eyes is the cautionary tale of Sarah Walker, a twenty-something actor trudging her way through the rat race of Hollywood, one small part at a time. When she is given the rare opportunity to audition for the lead role in a horror remake, she dives into it, only to soon find herself in the clutches of a mysterious production company that aims to bend her will to their nefarious goals. As Sarah begins to undergo a strange mental and physical transformation, she realizes she may have just sold her soul to an age old cult that has been pulling the town's strings since its golden age.&nbsp » Read more