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Check Out Our New Video For The Goodbye Radio

While I've been traipsing around LA shooting bumpers and whatnot, Kevin has kept busy in Long Island.  Recently, he partnered up with some old friends-- a group of talented muscians who comprise The Goodbye Radio to write, direct and edit the latest single from their upcoming album. The song is called "Boiling River" and, as Kevin was given free reign with the storyline, he conceived of a video involving the most important issue of our time: zombie love!

Check out the video below.

The Goodbye Radio - Boiling River (Official Video) from Parallactic Pictures on Vimeo.

It features Damien Maffei and Amanda Donelan. It was shot by Kevin and Jamey Lord on the Canon 7D in Long Island, NY. Special FX make-up by Lisa Forst. Color Correction by Alex Durie.

The Goodbye Radio is:
Mike Denton - Drums and Percussion
Mike Harrison - Vocals and Lyrics
Lee Greenman - Bass Guitar
Jeff Walsh - Guitar, Keys, Arrangements

For more information on the band, as well as a free preview of their new album, check out: thegoodbyeradio.com.

'Curtain' Is Now Online!

*Note: The above video is embedded and tiny. I prefer you watch it in HD here.

I'm really not sure why this took me so long. I think I got it in my head that, because Curtain is still playing random film festivals, I wasn't "allowed" to make it available online.  But a lot of people told me I was wrong about that.  Then I figured I should make its online premiere some sort of "event."  Maybe have a giveaway. Some sort of contest to promote it proper.  But screw all that.  Let's just watch the damn thing.

So here, at long last, is Curtain, my short horror film that I finished in Spring 2011. I'm very proud of this film. It runs 12 mins, has a lot of laughs (and scares) in it.  And I think you will all enjoy it.  

For more details on Curtain, such as images, a trailer link, credits and news, head over to its page. If you watch this, and you enjoy it, please leave a comment below.  Even better, go rate the film on its IMDB page.

That's it. Thanks for being patient. And remember... "DO NOT REMOVE THE SHOWER CURTAIN!"

Production Wraps On My Short Horror Film 'Curtain'

'Curtain', written & directed by Dennis Widmyer

As of Sunday night, production has wrapped on Curtain, a short film I wrote and directed.  The movie tells the tale of James, an unemployed burnout who discovers a succubus is inhabitating the bathtub of his girlfriend's apartment. 

Inspired by a series of mysterious details littering the new apartment my girlfriend and I moved into this past August, I came up with the storyline for Curtain.  The tone of the film gets away from the bleakness of some of my previous movies and instead, focuses more on fun, energy, sexiness, gross-out moments and of course, big scares.

I'll be talking a lot more about this film in the coming months, as post-production progresses, but for now, check out its official section here.  You can also view a ton of behind the scenes pics in its gallery.